Laid Bare

Natalie needs to get laid.

Bad time management skills. Partying a little too much. Glitter in unmentionable places. When boys meet me, they tend to focus less on the hot and more on the mess. Which means I’ve always just been one of the guys. Making it harder to get, well, you know.

So when I discover Theo Morris―star quarterback, big man on campus, frequent subject of my dirtiest daydreams, and oh, yeah, my best friend―is the culprit behind my lackluster love life, I go right to the source. Either he can back the hell off… or he can lend a helping hand. 

Theo helps friends in need.

If I’ve spent the past four years warning other guys away from my best friend, then it’s only because I’m looking out for her best interests. It has nothing to do with the fact that from the moment I met Natalie Mason, I’ve wanted to bare every part of her and kiss her senseless.

Nat has her own hurdles. I won’t burden her with mine. I can check my feelings and just stay in the friend zone. Until she comes to me, demanding I pay back all the orgasms she missed out on from my interference. And suddenly, my once-so-carefully crafted control starts slipping…

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