If I Can’t Have You

Everything he knows about seduction…

The first time I meet Nora Cutler, she sticks her finger in my mouth and nearly brings me to my knees with longing.

The second time, I return the favor.

And the third? She’s drunk-crying about the asshole that doesn’t love her.

Look, I keep my distance. Don’t involve myself with other people’s problems. But the librarian bursts into my life in a daze of sun-bleached hair, canary-yellow dresses, and lemon-sweet smiles. Something about all that sunny charm draws me in, and the more she’s in my space, the more I want her to stay.

So when she asks me to teach her how to attract a man—selfish bastard I am, I say yes.

Because if I can’t have Nora…

I’ll make it so she doesn’t want anyone else.

…he’ll use to seduce her.

Everyone thinks Dex Reynolds is this big, rude brute of a bouncer, but he doesn’t fool me. I’ve seen how he spoils his dog. Big, ol’ softie is more like it.

Despite his gruff exterior, Dex just needs a friend. I’m more than happy to volunteer. I like his surly cynicism. His zero-F’s attitude. Those tattoos. His smile. Oh, that smile, downright ravishing and full of sensual secrets—ones he can show me.

Because with an unrequited crush on my best friend and an inconvenient, uh, inexperience issue, I’m desperate.

If I can’t have the man I want…

I’ll make him want me instead.

Now, I just need to remember that man’s not supposed to be one teaching me…

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