Hard Facts

Summer knows secrets.

Everyone has a secret. Everyone, that is, except Grayson Rowe. With my new tutor, apparently what you see is what you get. Though what I see is fine, I know he’s hiding something behind those dorky glasses and annoyingly endless collection of facts. And it’s not just a superhero set of biceps.

I don’t date nerds. But I need Gray’s help keeping this tutoring thing on the down low. So we strike a deal. Pretend to be my boyfriend, and he gets in my rich daddy’s engineering program. Until then, I’ll ignore that I’ve got the hots for his smug grin and sharp mind―the one that makes me want to spill all my secrets instead. Including that I’m falling for him. Hard.

Grayson just knows everything.

Vinegar and baking soda. Gunpowder and fire. Summer Prescott and me. What do they all have in common? Reactive chemistry. All things that, when mixed together, erupt. As much as I love a good bang, that level of combustion can be…distracting.

I can’t afford distractions. And Summer, with her nosy nature and generous curves and all those secrets I don’t know, is the ultimate one. Yet, I need that internship. So I’ll fake-date her, and I’ll ignore that I’d like to know her. In more ways than one. Because if we get together, for real―that’s waiting for an explosion on an entirely catastrophic level. Fact.

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