Fool Around

Rylie swears she’s not a prude.

How was I to know the art course my best friend signed me up for meant I’d be sketching nude models? I should have checked the fine print. Then I never would have—quite literally—bumped into Levi Hart moments before he dropped trou in class.

He can turn up the charm all he wants—I’m not fooling around with the guy that starred in the sex tape circulating campus (and no, I didn’t watch it. Much). Even if the more he takes his clothes off, the more it turns me on, it’s not happening.

Levi is no stranger to nudity.

Yes, I was in that video. But I’m trying to put that behind me, which is why I’m doing this modeling gig. Now, I just need to convince Rylie Stone to overlook my past mistakes… and maybe not run away every time I get naked.

Rylie can deny it all she wants, but I’ve seen how she stares at my body. She wants me. And I want her. So I’m pulling out all the stops (and taking off all my shirts) until she realizes just how much fun can be had when you go after what you want.

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