Bang Out

Kennedy needs one night.

They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I know just who. Spencer Armstrong has a reputation on campus―for bar brawls, a bad attitude, and boundless booty calls. I can’t stand him. Which means he’s perfect to get me past this post-break-up dating slump.

One night is all I need. One intense, passionate night…that doesn’t go according to plan. Spencer’s advice? I won’t be over my ex unless I “bang out” all thoughts of him (his words, not mine)―with Spencer. Repeatedly. As often as possible. Until he’s the one I can’t stop thinking about.

Spencer doesn’t do repeats.

Kennedy Walsh is an uptight goody-two-shoes who avoids trouble like the plague―so I should’ve known something was up when she approached me. I should say hell no to her stupid plan, but the idea of melting this ice princess is too tempting to turn down. It’s enough to make me forget my no-girl-twice policy.

But now I can’t stop at one night. While Kennedy needs to “bang out” her ex from her system (she said it first, not me), I need to kick her out of mine. Because the more time we spend together―in and out of bed―the more I rethink my policy. That maybe one girl, all the time, is really all I need.

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